FIG. 1 : Vikunja calf Vicugna Vicugna
The wool is popular due to its warmth. Its properties come from the tiny scales on the hollow, air-filled fibres. It causes them to interlock and trap insulating air. Vicuñas have some of the finest fibers in the world, at a diameter of 12 μm. Since it is sensitive to chemical treatments the wool is usually left in its natural color. The vicuña only produces about 0.5 kg (1.1 lb) of wool a year, and gathering it requires a certain process.

At FUROID ™️ we’re currently working on the replication of wool fibers (Vikunja, Cashmere and Merino) within the utilization of our correlating work on the production of human and animal hair fibers. In the specific case we will have IN VITRO WOOL available in 2019 since the bioengineered properties are already produced and ready for scale up with the use of bioreactor technology.

FIG. 2: General structure of a bioreactor from a bioproduction line. copyrights