The cellbased pelt production will inevitably be the sole available source for cell-based fur/wool materials; due to the industry pressures, and due to administrative and governmental regulatory frameworks that will render farming and trapping illegal and cost-inefficient, ultimately grinding a total halt to those obsolete methods.

From perspectives both ethical and environmental, it is increasingly realized as an unacceptable waste of life and resources to kill animals for their fur, wool, and hides, or to expose them to cruel procedures for any such sake.
Uniquely, our FUROID ™️ technology is able to EXCLUDE the process of TANNING AND COLORATION, since these properties can be
edited at the cellular level.

We foresee a soon world in which, following testing, our products immediately begin replacing the more obsolete form of furs and hides, among every industry participant who understands:

INNOVATION IS NOT STOPPABLE, AND CRUELTY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE; both of which conditions being satisfied by a future that features BIOFABRICATION.


Regarding our work on endangered species conservation: 

We are building a stem cell database from reprogrammed Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (abbreviated IPSC) from endangered species. 

We have initiated the program by successfully starting with mink IPSC, given that every year between 40 and 85 million minks are slaughtered. By cryogenically preserving various species cells, we contribute substantially to animal welfare and conservatory science.

FIG 2. white Mink pelt used in the product development phase at FUROID ™️